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Densmore Tool & Die Works offers an extensive range of custom precision tooling, classified into four main product branches as shown below. Every one of our products is designed to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements.

Magnet Arc Weld Fixtures

Features and Benefits:

  • Quick change feature for tool inserts and hardware improves welder utilization and reduces changeover costs significantly: 20 minutes or less changeover as opposed to 4 to 6 hours.
  • Currently in use at 9 different locations globally
  • Tool designs have been developed with KUKA engineering support and meet their standards
  • Tool inserts have runout adjustment and can be fine tuned to ensure the runout of the welded assemblies. (excluding tube yoke & CV joint assembly)
  • Excellent Cpk (process capability) results for runout, perpendicularity, and phasing which helps to reduce initial unbalance
  • Tooling is easy for operators to use (for changeovers and in production)